My childhood church was not much for liturgy.

Even writing that makes me chuckle a little, actually,

Recalling the folding chairs and clanging tambourines and fire and brimstone.

Not much for liturgy, but big on Jesus.

Is it a cliché that as an adult, I find the rhythms of advent life-giving?


Alone in the relative quiet of my own home tonight, I light the hope candle.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul (Hebrews 6:19)

A verse that’s never far from my heart.

One that I’ve written about before.

Here in the anticipation

We have this hope

Ancient prophesies, angelic proclamations.

Light in the darkness.

Here in the manger

We have this hope

God wrapped in flesh.

The promised one crashing into the mess that was a stable.

The mess that is our world.

Here in the Eucharist

We have this hope

Remembering with thanks.

Joining hearts and sharing the table.

Not just with the ones who look like us.

Here at the cross

We have this hope

Death defeated.  Brokenness turned beautiful.

All made new.

Here in this moment

We have this hope

Living hard in the direction of grace

Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses

In between the now and the not yet.

Hope is here.

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