A greater grace

Try as I might, I can’t hear it as a challenge.

It’s a sermon about forsaking worldliness and embracing Jesus only.

At other times, in other places of my life, I might hear it as a call to behavior modification.

In this season of affirmation, I hear it as the love song of a jealous God.

One in passionate pursuit of my heart, my affections.

I don’t hear him asking for more.

Perhaps I know, now more than ever, that he has to have it all, because I cannot even begin to handle it.

It’s these words that stick, that throb in my heart,

But he gives us a greater grace

(James 4:6)

In the tiptoeing balance of being in the world without being of it.

A greater grace.

In the moments when looking after orphans and widows is easy but keeping oneself undefiled by the world is not.

A greater grace.

In the conflict where it’s less right and wrong and more broken and human and messy all the way around.

A greater grace.

In the season when I ask for resolution and what I get instead is resolve.

A greater grace.

Not just more of whatever grace I can muster up on my own.

No.  Grace wholly different.

Grace made of different stuff.

Grace breathed through with jealous affection,

Not eked out with grit and willpower.

A greater grace.

For me.  For you.

For all of it.

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