Fear Not


But I was afraid, he told the Master, holding out the one talent that he had buried. (Matthew 25)

We dismiss this servant too easily, I think.

This morning, he is the one that catches my attention.

Instead of investing the money in the marketplace like the other servants (with, you know, all that risk), he hid it away.

Just in case.

It hardly seems a terrible choice.

Some might call it frugal, even.

But one thing it certainly was:

A fearful choice.

The call to generosity is a tricky one for rule-followers like me.

I like specific instructions.  Numbers.

So while my heart is drawn to generosity, I see myself here too.

In this servant.

You never know, I reason.

I might need it someday.

And so, sometimes, I hold back when I should pour out.

And I let my overthinking win out over my first instinct, over my (dare I say it?) Holy Spirit breathed intuition.

Because I am afraid.

Fear not, the same Master says.

Again and again.  Three hundred times and more.

Fear not.  I have redeemed you.  I have called you by name.

You are mine.  (Isaiah 43:1)

I know this to be true.

And I desperately want it to change me.

To change my hoarding into agape.

To change my fear into faith.

I’m not there yet, friends.

But I’m sitting with those words awhile tonight.

And maybe you should too.

Let’s not bury our talents.

Let’s hear the truth instead.

You are mine.

Fear not.

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