All is Well

All is well.

This is the song that I hear on the way home tonight.

And I know that it is true.

True in the now.

True in the not yet.

All is well.

The words seem right on this day of staying in pajamas until the afternoon.

This day of frozen pizza and afternoon naps and shared giggles in the back seat.

This day of a little one who gives me sloppy kisses right on my mouth.

And a bigger one who chooses to talk about the Big Feelings instead of letting them fester.

This day of wrapping presents at the eleventh hour and calling it good enough.

All is well.

Two of my sweet friends catch me tonight at church and ask me how I am.

They know my story.

They expect me to tell the truth and raise an eyebrow when I say I am fine.

But, today, this is true.

I look around and see that much is un-well.

The big things, yes.

And so, so many things that don’t make the news.

The little ones torn away from all that they’ve known.  One week before Christmas.

The mamas and daddies stuck in a cycle of violence and addiction.

Human beings who love and hurt and know that they are not doing the right thing.

And still can’t break out.


God with us.

All of us.

Not just the ones gathered in sanctuaries, lighting candles tonight.

All is well in the not yet too.

When redemption wins for good.

And the little ones are all home.

And addiction loses its power forever in the light of love.


All is well.

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