Kingdom Moments

It is a minor miracle that we are here this morning.

Fully clothed and (more or less) in our right minds.

You see, this is the season when storm clouds linger ominously on the horizon every day.

The twinkling lights that signal joy in other places put us on high alert.

We struggle to name the Forbidden Things.

To let ourselves feel the Big Feelings.

Before it all explodes into splinters of white hot rage.

Some days we can tiptoe past the storm clouds,

Treading lightly, lightly.

Today is not one of those days.

Blessed are the poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3)

The empty ones,

The ones aware of their complete dependence on God.

Hand up.  We’re here.

Another day my prayer would be “make me empty.”

Today I cannot imagine needing Jesus more than I do at this exact moment.

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


I almost scoff (at the Word of God—I know!).

And then I live the rest of this day.



Completely dependent.

And in between the now and the not yet of the kingdom, I hear the echoes.

In the warmth of a fleece blanket.

And a moment of silence when everyone is at rest.

In enough food to last a few more days when it becomes apparent that grocery shopping is not happening.

And real, genuine giggles before bedtime.

In apologies and second chances.

And sacred words whispered through the darkness.

These are kingdom moments.

Weary ones, empty ones.

You are blessed.

We do not see it all just yet.

Storm clouds may linger on the horizon.

But today we can breathe deeply.

And savor these kingdom moments.

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