What Are These?


Forty years they wandered and every morning there was enough

What is it?

They asked of this bread from heaven.


It is enough.

Exhausted from a long day of ministry, Jesus looked on the crowd and felt compassion.

A little boy with his humble offering

Five barley loaves.  Two fish.

Here it is, his disciple said

But what are these for so many people? (John 6:9)

What are these?

They asked this Bread from heaven.

Manna went bad after just one day.

But today there are leftovers.  Twelve baskets of leftovers.


No, more than enough.

I’ve felt it this week.  Maybe you have too.

I’ve walked into situations where the need is too great.

My offering is too small.

Not enough, I mumble, eyes downcast.

It’s just not enough.

I’m right, you know.

I could parcel and divide my five loaves a thousand different ways and it would never be enough.

What are these measly gifts in the face of such need?

What are these?

I ask the Bread of heaven.

Holding out my outrageously insufficient offering.

They are not enough.

This I know.

But this Manna from heaven?

He is enough.

No, more than enough.

So much more than enough.

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