Fall on Grace

I want to write tonight about living in the questions.

Or about seeing and then choosing to feel compassion.

But those words are not coming.

Not tonight.

I read of a smart man, a teacher of the law.

He wants to know the way to eternal life (Luke 10).

As he often does, Jesus tells a story.

Of seeing a need.  Of feeling compassion.  Of moving toward.

This, he says, is what it looks like to love our neighbor.

Just do this.

And love God unreservedly.

And you’re good.

There’s only one problem.

But it’s a big one.

You see, we cannot do this.

Can’t.  Be.  Done.

And so I wonder again, if this story, and so many others

Are here for us to remember

We cannot do this.

We cannot keep this law.

We cannot work ourselves into eternal life.

We cannot love ourselves into eternal life.

The chasm is far too wide.

It is an abyss that only Perfect Love can bridge.

That Perfect Love did bridge.

Not long after he told this story.

And so, again, we must fall on grace.

Grace enough for the experts.

And the rest of us.

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