Well Done

I want to hear it as a challenge.

Three points and an application.

Something I can, you know, do.

We’re talking about talents this morning.

About investing wisely.

About not burying our gifts because we are afraid. (Matthew 25:14-30)

I want to hear it as a challenge.

To give more.  Or to unearth some hidden talent.

Or to somehow be more faithful with the little things.

I want to hear it as a challenge.

But I cannot.

I sit in my seat, bread and cup in hand, and all I hear is affirmation.

Well done.

Again, the emotion takes me by surprise.

(I don’t know why.

I should know by now that I am a big, old sap.)

This is the word today.

Well done.

Not because we’ve run harder or worked longer hours or been more faithful than anyone else.

But because of Grace.

Because when he looks at us, he sees Perfection.

Perfect obedience.  Perfect faithfulness.  Perfect generosity.

So, this week, friends, give generously.

Don’t bury your gifts.

But sit awhile with the bread and the cup too.

With the reality that no matter how faithfully you serve, how wisely you invest,

How passionately you share your gifts,

You will still fall short.

And yet.

Because of Grace,

When he looks at you, he sees Perfection.

And he says

Well done.

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