Nothing Wasted


What a waste!

They scoff as her tears mingle with the expensive perfume.

Her prized possession poured out here, for Him.

Her best expression of love.

For them, it was not enough.

We could have sold that perfume and given the money to the poor.

I imagine Jesus shooting them a withering glare (I don’t know if that’s how he rolled or not, but I imagine that it is…)

Gently taking her chin in his hands, he meets her downcast eyes.

No, no.  Nothing wasted.

She has done a beautiful thing to me.

She did what she could.  (Mark 14:1-9)

No one has questioned my motives in fostering Little One.

Although, to be honest, sometimes I hear it behind comments of

Oh, I could never do that!  I’d get too attached.

(Oh my goodness people do you not realize THAT IS THE POINT).

Mostly, though, it is just my own fear voices that taunt me.

What a waste!

They scoff.

All that time, all that love, all that life.

Poured out here with no guarantees.

I give them a withering glare (because that’s most definitely how I roll).

No, no, I hear the words clearly with my heart.

Nothing wasted.

Nothing wasted.

Friends, perhaps you have scoffers too.

From outside.  Or from inside.

What a waste!

Pouring your love, your heart, your life into something (or someone) with no guarantee.

Giving your best for what the world writes off as a hopeless case.

Doing what you can.

Friends, those voices are wrong.

You are doing a beautiful thing.

As I think about you, I picture your faces and I know that this is true.

You are doing a beautiful thing.

Even if no one else sees but Him.

The voices are wrong.

Nothing is wasted.


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