Falling Into Step

Walking along, their faces were downcast (Luke 24).

Their conversation was full of questions.  Sadness.  Unfulfilled hope.

On the way, a stranger falls into step with them.

He comes near.  He walks with.  He listens.

Haven’t you heard? they ask.

There was this one—a man, like us.

A prophet.

He talked about the kingdom of God.

He talked about redemption.

He spoke with power and we dared to hope.

We dared to hope.

The stranger listened still.

Deliberately matching their footsteps,

Letting them tell their story, letting them process it all.

But something went wrong.

He did not topple our political structures in a blaze of glory.

His story didn’t end the way we expected.

This redemption he spoke about—it didn’t look right at all.

And now he’s gone.

Still, the stranger walked.


Truth would speak.  Revelation would come.

The story would be shared.

But first?  First Grace fell into step with them.

First Grace came near.  Walked with.  Listened.

And, friends, it still does.

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