Done Love


We are talking about giants this morning (2 Samuel 17).

I don’t have to think too hard.

Fear is a giant I’ve battled my whole adult life.

Sometimes I call it other things:

Stress.  Anxiety.  Multitasking, even.

But, deep down, it is a hard-to-shake belief that if I stop running, stop working, stop doing all the things

Everything will come crashing down.

I think I am well acquainted with this giant, and yet it still somehow manages to surprise me with its suddenness and its power.

What are our weapons?  My pastor asks.

Truth.  Faith.  Love.

I have fought the giant of fear with truth.

Just this week, I called it out when I felt it reaching for a stranglehold.

I spoke the words that I know this giant cannot abide.

Words of truth.

I have fought the giant of fear with faith.

I’ve written out all of the ways that I’ve seen my God show himself faithful.

In Scripture.  And in my life.

I’ve chosen to believe.

I am a fighter.  A doer.

So when I think about the weapon of love, I want to pick it up and beat my giant over the head with it.

But this is not the word today.

As I remember the body broken, the blood spilled, I am overwhelmed again with Jesus-affirmation.

For you, my heart hears.

Because I love you.

Today, the weapon of love is not about what I do.

It’s about what he’s already done.

His perfect love and my fear cannot coexist.

Perfect love drives out all fear.

Not my doing-love.  My striving-love.  My working-love.

His Done Love.

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