When Jesus Leaves

We are good at compartmentalizing.

Too good, I think.

In sociology, we call it code-switching.

We call it adaptive behavior.

In education, we call it learning hidden rules.

We call it another skill to be mastered.

And then we wonder why we feel so fractured, so disconnected, so unsure of ourselves.

In Luke 4 and 5, Jesus spends a day with Peter.

They start out in the synagogue.

This is where we expect to find Jesus, right?

At church.  On Sunday morning.

He’s allowed here.  Expected, even.

So far, so good.

And then Jesus leaves.

He walks right on out of the synagogue and right on into Peter’s house.

Later he shows up in Peter’s boat, his place of employment.

And not just sitting around blending in with the crowd, either.

He shows up doing Jesus-y things.

Healing.  Casting out demons.  Speaking truth powerfully.  Providing in crazy, over-the-top ways.

It’s quite a spectacle, really.

The truth is, I’m not a big fan of spectacles.

And yet,

There is something about this kind of integrity that feels so very, very right.


Being one.

Because, friends, the truth is we did not leave Jesus at church this morning (or twenty years ago, whatever the case may be).

When we left, Jesus left.

He walked right on into our homes.

He walked right on into our places of employment.

And, if we’ll give him the space, I believe, he’s ready to do all sorts of Jesus-y things.

Let’s not pretend like we left him at church this week.

Let’s not shush him, pleading with him to just blend in with the crowd.

This week, let’s do life with a little less compartmentalizing

And a little more integrity.

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