Always Enough

Do you ever get something lodged in your head, and it just won’t leave you alone?

I’ve been mulling over Psalm 37:25 for a few days.

A year ago, I would have dismissed this as the simple result of being forced to memorize lots of Bible verses as a kid (side note: make your kids memorize lots of Bible verses.  Seriously.  Even though I may have done it for the gold stars or the plastic trinkets or the adult approval, those are the verses that come back when I need them).

But since this is the year of embracing the anointing, I decided to dig a little deeper.

“I have been young, and now am old,

yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken

or their children begging bread.”

These are the words that won’t leave me alone, the words stuck deep in my consciousness for many years.  A reminder, surely, that as I seek to live faithfully, there will always be enough.  He will always be enough.

And then I read the next verse.

“They are ever giving liberally and lending,

and their children become a blessing.”

Not only are the righteous not begging, they are giving, sharing, living in the wide openness that is generosity.

It seems so counter-intuitive, I think.

Especially when my babies are involved, my instinct is to hoard.

Though few of us in America have honestly experienced “not enough,” they are the exception.

They have known not enough and as they gobble and cling, I find myself repeating two words.

Always enough.

Here, babies, there will always be enough.

He will always be enough.

Not because we hoard the manna.

It will be moldy tomorrow anyway.

But because we choose to give, to share, to live in the wide openness that is generosity.

And you, my loves, are becoming a blessing.

Today, to me.

Tomorrow, to the world.

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