Why I Must

I wrote last week about foster care.  And one line of that post has haunted me since.

We do what we must.

I know that not everyone is called to become a foster parent.

I don’t think it’s something that I will do for many years.

But, today, I must.

And here’s why—

I must because I cannot stand the idea of these little ones without a safe place, without a home, without mama-love that is unconditional, even if it is not forever.

I must because it is not their fault.  Not ever.  Just as much as anyone else, they deserve to know every single day that they are treasured and adored.

I must because there are no guarantees in life—not even with our “own” kids.  And today matters.  What we do today matters.

I must because, yes, I am sure that my heart will explode if good-byes are in our future (and I’m terrified that my daughter’s heart will explode too).  And yet somehow, in my better moments, I muster the courage to pray for this.  For healing, for deliverance, for restoration.

And in the rest of my moments, I just pray, “Jesus.”  He’s enough.

I must because when I pleaded with Jesus to just be done, to call life with my beautiful, feisty seven-year-old enough, the word was “one thing.  One thing is necessary.”  (Lk. 10:41-42)

The picture was Mary, sitting at Jesus’ feet.

And so I sit.

In my living room.

In the doctor’s office.

In the cold lobby of a building where the lighting is too harsh, and so is the reality.

Because Jesus is here.

Because, today, I must.

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