The marriage sermon and what it has to do with a single girl

The truth is, it’s easy for me to tune out when the sermon is about marriage.

But surely, surely there is something here for me too.

For a long time, sermons like this made me feel “other,” reinforcing the idea that God’s ideal is marriage then babies the old fashioned way.

And that anything else would be his “second” choice.

But here’s the thing.

Ain’t none of us on God’s first choice.

Single, married, divorced, gay, straight, biological parent, adoptive parent, expectant parent, purposely child-free and everybody else.

We’re all born into a broken world.

We’ve all made choices that we regret.

We’re not living in Eden anymore.

And so this morning I make a note that before Jesus launches into discussion of morality, before he calls his disciples to a higher standard in marriage than the old covenant did, he looks around at the large crowd that has followed him.

And he heals them.

This, I believe, is the beauty of Jesus.

Does he speak with power and conviction?  Absolutely.  Does he call his disciples to radical obedience that is hard for the religious among them to swallow?  Indeed.

But this same Jesus looks with compassion on the multitudes.  He sees the brokenness.

Our brokenness.

Of marriages attacked on every side.

Of men and women struggling to break family patterns of unhealthy relationships.

Of the ones rejected, abandoned, cast aside.

Of single girls who are tired of feeling less than.

And he heals them.

He heals us.

Today, I’m thankful that my faith isn’t about first or second or fifty zillionth choices.

It’s not about faking Eden.

It’s about owning the brokenness.  Opening to the healing.

And living in the beautiful mess that is redemption.

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