On Lists and Love



I’m good at lists.  I always have been.

And the truth is that I always seem to be looking for ways to make my faith into a list.

Do this.  Don’t do that.

Lists are predictable.  Quantifiable.  Easy.

Jesus is not.

When I first read verses like 2 Peter 1:5-7, it’s so tempting to make a list.

Faith.  Goodness.  Knowledge.  Self-control.  Perseverance.  Godliness.  Kindness.

And then, with one word, my list mentality is sucker punched.


Love cannot go on a list.  It’s not predictable or quantifiable.

It’s complicated.  Messy.  Time-consuming.

And exactly what our desperately needy world is craving.

Exactly what our desperately needy neighbors are craving.

Exactly what our own desperately needy hearts are craving.

What if our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors could tell that we were disciples by the way we loved each other?

What if we became known not as ones who speak judgment, who throw stones, who exclude, but as ones who love?

What if we ditched the lists and majored on the love?


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