On Following

Follow your heart, we hear. Make yourself skinny, put on a short skirt and then he’ll notice. Let him call the shots, don’t let on that you’re too smart and maybe he’ll stay. Surely this will make you happy.

Follow your ambition, we hear. Work hard, be the best, rise to the top and never look back. Make a lot of money so you can buy a lot of things. Surely this will make you happy.

Follow your dreams, we hear. Throw caution to the wind, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, don’t worry about anybody else. Surely this will make you happy.

Jesus says none of this.

His command is simple. Hard, but simple.

Follow me.

This is not an occasional, temporary following. It’s an abiding fellowship that includes trust and obedience.

Follow me, Jesus said to Matthew. (Matt. 9:9-10)

Trust. Incline your heart and mind toward me.

Obey. Get up and come on.

Matthew did both.

The truth is, sometimes I am content to half-follow. I’m content to say that my heart and mind are inclined toward Jesus and that’s enough.

It’s not.

Mental assent is not enough. Feeling lovey feelings is not enough.

Following necessitates obedience. It means specific action. Today.

It means getting up and coming on.

Whether we’ve known Jesus for fifty years or twenty years or one year or whatever, the invitation stands.

This week, friends, let’s trust. Let’s incline our hearts and minds toward Christ.

And let’s obey. Let’s hear his word to get up and come on.

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