At your word

Peter caught fish.  It was his thing.  (Luke 5:1-11)

He had been out all night working hard, giving his best effort, growing weary.  His nets were empty, but surely his pride was intact.  Tonight would be another night.  He’d rely on his expertise and things would be different.  He had this.

Enter Jesus—a carpenter by trade, and a young one at that.  Who was he to step into Peter’s boat in the first place?  And to give advice on fishing, really?

I think Peter showed a tremendous amount of restraint.

“Master,” he started, “we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything.”

Jesus, I’ve got this one.

But because you say so…

At your word…

I will do as you say.

I love that Jesus didn’t shush Peter before he got to the but.  He was patient.  He let Peter speak his experience.  Because it was true.  And it was part of the story too.

We’ve worked hard and haven’t caught anything.

I’ve prayed for her for years.  I’ve told her my story, told her about Jesus.

Yes, Jesus’ silence says.  You’ve worked hard.  You’ve given it your best effort.  You’ve grown weary.  You’ve used your expertise and that’s ok because I gave you that expertise.


Trust me.  Push out into the deep one more time.  Let down your nets one more time.


Trust me.  Hit your knees for that friend one more time.  Speak my truth to her one more time.  Show her grace instead of judgment one more time.

Peter took Jesus at his word.

This week, I’m praying for grace to do the same.

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