Waiting Season



I have been all about advent this year.  Not in the elf-hiding, chocolate-eating way (although pretty much any time of year is a good time for chocolate-eating in my book).  But in the candle-lighting, redemption-longing way.

Advent is preparation.  It is choosing not to rush ahead, but to create space for the waiting.  It is hearing the mournful chorus of “O come, O come Emmanuel” and believing that this is part of the story too.

Advent is hope.  It is choosing to believe in the darkness, choosing to love when it doesn’t come naturally.  It is knowing brokenness and waiting expectantly for redemption.

I find myself here again this morning.

In the waiting.  In the redemption-longing.

Creation is groaning, calling out for liberation.

Humanity is waiting eagerly, longing for release into the glorious freedom of the children of God. (Romans 8)

And Hebrews 2:8 states the obvious.   At present, we do not see it.

Our hearts are unquiet.  Our world is a mess.

But what do we see?  (Heb. 2:9)

We see Jesus.

Suffering death in his humanity.

Conquering death in his divinity.

Look up.

See Jesus.

Our strong Redeemer is making all things new.

And our patient Emmanuel is with us in the waiting season.

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