In Isaiah 9, the Messiah was prophesied.  A child born—fully human.  The Son given—fully God.

In Luke 7, the Messiah walked among his people.  The God-Man strolling in the midst of a large crowd.  As they approached the Nain city gates, surely Jesus had a destination in mind.

But what was this?

A funeral procession.  A grieving mother.

Jesus saw (v. 13).  This was not an eye-seeing, but a heart-seeing, a spirit-seeing.  He locked eyes with this heartbroken woman and saw her agony, her despair, her fear of the future.  He acknowledged her there, in that moment.

His heart was moved to compassion (v. 13).  Because he was fully human, Jesus knew death and grief, despair and fear.  And he knew compassion—a feeling-with, not just a feeling-for.

And then this God-Man got his God on and brought her dead son back to life (v.14).

But it was not before he saw.  It was not before he felt.

Today, the Messiah still walks among his people.

I know this because I have seen his feet—pounding the steaming pavement in the inner-city, climbing dusty mountain trails in Haiti, sitting by the bedside of the dying, loving babies in suburban homes.

He still sees.  He still locks eyes with us and acknowledges us here.  In this moment.

He still feels-with.  His heart is moved by our stories—even when we think no one is listening, that surely our stories aren’t that important, that why would he care because there are so many people with bigger, louder, harder stories.

And he still gets his God on—replacing gloom with glorious hope, replacing darkness with light, replacing oppression with freedom, replacing despair with joy (Is. 9:1-5).

Hear the good news this Christmas:  A child is born.  The Son is given.

Emmanuel—our God is with us.

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