Do Less December


Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful.


I’m about to let you in on a secret:

Unless you love it, do less.

As much as all the excitement is, well, exciting, during this season of frenzied activity and conspicuous consumption, I am more aware than ever that both my daughter and I do best when our days follow the comforting routine of less.

So, here’s my advice.

Unless you love it, decorate less.  Hang up a few stockings and call it a day.

Unless you love it, bake less.  I am living proof that it is ok to bring store-bought goodies to every single event.

Unless you love it, browse Pinterest for time consuming crafts that never really turn out like the photos anyway less.  Enough said.

Unless you love it, hide elves and dole out daily rations of cheap chocolate less.  Your kids will not grow up deprived.

Unless you love it (and can pay it off before New Year’s), buy less stuff.  Who’s even going to notice?

Unless you love it, wrap less.  Gift bags and tissue paper can cover a multitude of sins.

Unless you love it, entertain less.  Your real friends will still be around in January (even if it’s on Skype).

Unless you love it, go fewer places.  You’re not going to miss out on the memory of a lifetime.  Really.

I don’t know about your kids, but I know what my daughter wants this month.  Me.  As not-stressed-out a me as I can muster.  And for me that means doing less.

How about you?

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