Plain and Simple.

I like hymns.

There’s just something about holding an actual book that can’t quite be captured by a powerpoint or (dear goodness) the hand-written overheads of my youth.

You know what else I like about hymns?  So many of them tell the whole story of the gospel right there in four verses.

Verse 1: God created the world.  God created people to be in perfect union with himself.  It was good.

Verse 2: Sin entered the world.  Our union with the Father was broken.  We were dead.

Verse 3: God made him who had no sin to be sin for us.  Jesus conquered death so that we could live.

Verse 4: Christ will return.  He will make all things new.

Creation.  Fall.  Redemption.  Consummation.

That’s the story right there, folks.

Nothing new.  Nothing fancy.  Just the old, old story that tells the truth, plain and simple.

In four verses.

Or one sermon.


7 thoughts on “Plain and Simple.

  1. Sarah

    I love hymns too. Found you through Rage Against the Minivan and I’m so glad I did. I always choose to hold the hymnal even though I don’t look at it often. I love the ritual of it. I grew up with hymns and I miss them.

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