Your heavenly Father knows

Don’t worry, Jesus says in Matthew 6 and immediately he has my attention.

I am a worrier.  I come from a long line of worriers.  It’s what we do.

Don’t worry about food.

Don’t worry about drinks.

Don’t worry about clothes.

Ok, ok.

I’m reading on, looking for an action point, something to do.  I know there’s something here about seeking God’s kingdom first.

On my way toward seeking, it’s these words that catch my attention.

Your heavenly Father knows.

My worries are not a secret.  My needs are not a secret.  My striving and scrambling and posturing are not a secret.  My selfishness is not a secret.

He knows.

It’s not a judgmental, punishing knowing.

It’s not a detached, intellectual knowing.

It’s the knowing of a friend who has walked the path, who can look into your eyes with honest empathy, who will match your stride and just be there.

He knows.

Why am I always in such a rush?

I want to rush to the seeking.

But today, before I rush, I will take a deep breath.

And I will rest.

Because my heavenly Father knows.

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