Room Enough

There is room enough for all of us tonight.

Here at the table, here on our knees.

We are young and old, artists and analysts, visionaries and pragmatists.

We are thinkers and feelers, introverts and extroverts, happy-clappy and not so much.

We are hopeful and disillusioned, in various stages of hurt and healing.

Our stories are full of heartbreak and triumph, the stuff of life.

We are a hot mess, this is true.

Some of us have loved Jesus since we were little kids.

Some of us have lived hard and have the scars to show for it.

Our voices matter.  There is room enough.

We gather around.

We’ve spent too much time making the way narrow.  Drawing lines to keep ourselves safe, to keep others out.

But here, tonight, there is room enough.

Enough body broken.  Enough blood spilled.

Enough grace to go around.

Just enough.

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